Organic Food


Why Organic?

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about organic food, but it is so much information that sometimes it is difficult to know if what is true and what is not. That's why we decided to hit this quick little pussy with you about this world food trend.


ORGANIC: This is the name given to every product made with raw materials environmentally friendly. But as our conversation is now about food, it is worth knowing that organic food:

We use organic food only.

NOT RECEIVING "PESTICIDES" which are used pesticides to kill pests and pests during cultivation, while that pollute the environment and harm to health;

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - are produced with care to preserve the fauna and the natural local flora, and ensure the rights of the field worker;

WARRANTY SEAL - Organic products are labeled "Organic" by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is the guarantee to the consumer that the product is supervised by certification companies, who control the production to ensure that the product is really organic.

Take a look at the seal you find on the packaging of organic products:


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